I used to use DiffMerge as an alternate file compare/merge tool, but I’ve found that under StarTeam 2008 Release 2, it now leaves annotation artifacts in my file, something like this:

[newer file]

Since I’m working in C#, the compiler doesn’t take too kindly to literal symbols in the middle of its files. For the time being, I’m resigned to using StarTeam’s built-in tool.

One day, however, the built-in File Compare/Merge tool stopped working on me. The progress bar said “Finding Differences…”, flickering from left to right, never completing.

I resolved the issue by stopping StarTeam and deleting the syncdb folder under my Local\SettingsApplication\DataBorlandStarTeam folder.

I hope this information helps someone. I wasn’t able to find another page describing this. Anybody else have this issue?