After much waiting, our family got a Wii for Christmas. Rather than spend a lot on games the kids won’t play, we decided to follow a similar model to the way we consume DVDs. We got a subscription to GameFly, and will only buy the games the kids really want.

Our Wii was bundled with Wii Sports. We spent most of the day taking turns playing the Wii. It was a lot of fun! the games were easy to learn and intuitive, though we certainly did not approach the skill of the kids, who took turns more often than we did.

Frankly I had a little trouble with Boxing and Tennis, but greatly enjoyed Golf and Baseball. I wish games like Boxing and Baseball had the depth Golf does. It’s no EA Sports simulation, but it’s got enough content to satisfy casual fans.

I’m chomping at the bit to try some football, basketball, and baseball games.

Edit: Watching my friends play reminded me of another criticism they leveled yesterday. The Mii people don’t have any arms! It was a little disturbing to them to see these Mii people doing stuff with bobbing hands, mitts, what have you.