Conversion to Markdown complete


My earliest post is over 8 years old now (April 2016), so it’s taken several sessions here and there to do it, but I’ve converted all my content from HTML to Markdown. I spot-checked my work, but if you see an error, please let me know.

Recently a company called Boom announced that they were creating a supersonic aircraft to replace the Concorde, which hasn’t been in regular use since 2003. This called to mind a presentation slide deck I read last year talking about performance that referenced the Concorde.

The thrust of the presentation is that when we speak about performance, there are really two metrics we are conflating.


Today, I want to talk about presentation techniques I learned last week during an excellent lunch talk given by a colleague, Tom Margolis. The talk was titled, “Cognitive Communication Coaching for Engineers”. Tom was a high school teacher before he became a software engineer, so he’s in a prime position to speak on this subject.


I’m in the home stretch for my MBA studies. I’m taking advantage of the online studies program that Colorado State University offers (go Rams!). Today, I wanted to talk about in-class discussions. Applications of these techniques aren’t just limited to college courses. Companies could use this to talk about issues affecting multiple offices, too.

During my undergraduate days, there were courses in which I couldn’t wait for the in-class discussion. These days, as an online student, I dread them. What’s the difference?